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Hamaha Wooden Toys Wooden Creative Fun Toys for Kids Creativity is the fun use of intelligence, says Albert Einstein. We also believe in the power of human intelligence and creativity. We bring together original toys with sincerity to support our children's mental development and creative skills. What we offer you are healthy, high quality, both entertaining and educational products that do not limit your imagination, instead of thousands of toys that are of insufficient quality and lead to violence, which find their place in the trash after a short time of interest of your child. Above all, we are a small family business, but proud of its ability to provide privileged service to each of its customers. We hope that you will be among our satisfied customers. Our Philosophy We want Hamaha Wooden Toys not to give you toys that emphasize war, weapons, power and gender. They should not play with characters whose stories have already been written and whose superpowers have been determined. Let them build and imagine their own superheroes with their assemble and play toys. They should not engage in games that pacify both the mind and body in front of the computer. Let them experience the pleasure of making and producing sculptures from play sand and dough… And most importantly, while playing, let's teach them to use their minds and discoveries for humanity in the future.