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Hamaha Educational Wooden Toy 48 Piece Train Track Set

Hamaha Educational Wooden Toy 48 Piece Train Track Set

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48 Piece Wooden Train Track Set - Educational Wooden Train Set - Made of natural wood. - The paints used in our toys are in EN 71-3 standards. - Since our wooden toys are handmade, they may show slight differences from the image (color differences, tree knots, etc.). - Our toys are sanded by hand. - Our toys can be disinfected by wiping with a damp cloth or apple cider vinegar. - Contents of the set

There are 1 house, 1 clock tower, 6 trees, 4 traffic signs, train tracks consisting of 20 parts, 1 car, 1 train with 3 wagons, 10 human figures. - Thanks to the magnetic structure of the trains, they can stick to each other. - You can shape the road to the desired length by interlocking the wooden train tracks. - Dimensions: Height: 6 cm Length: 8 cm Width: 5.5 cm - Dimensions of the Box: 37 cm x 24 cm x 6 cm - It is an imported toy. Wooden Toy Cars and Vehicles In order for the imagination of children to be rich while playing games, it is an important factor that toys resemble real life as much as they are products of imagination. These special toys are inspired by real life and designed to enrich the child's world. The toys' high mobility are designed to support the physical condition and muscle development of the child, together with his imagination. The toy is also equipped with supporting elements such as hand-eye coordination and color separation, making it a teaching tool that children can play for a long time without getting bored. In the category of intelligence games, we offer you beautiful models that will improve the intelligence of your children.

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